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Make your Taxes Now and pay later

Get professional help with your tax and IRS inquiries,
Learn why we are the best tax agency for our community in Memphis and Mississippi


Our Certified Acceptance Agents can verify your supporting documents, which means you only have to send copies to the IRS and can take the originals with you when you leave. Apply for an ITIN or ITIN renewal at a participating location for free.


If you change your address, be sure to receive your check by making a change of address.
TAXES DIAZ is offering Change of Address ELECTRONICALLY to clients and non-clients.
You do not have to visit our offices everything is electronically.

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• Are you paid cash and did not receive your form? We will help you

• If you need the 1099MIS for your workers, we will provide it for you.

• We help you so you can deduct all your expenses.

• We provide you with the guides to get all the possible tax advantages for your business.

• We make your payments to the IRS electronically the same day.
We Help You Answer Collection Letters and Reduce Your Debt. We are experts in IRS laws.

Don't pay a $ 10,000 debt when you can reduce it to $ 2,000. simply for not knowing the IRS laws.

We help you!
Whether you changed your address or received letters from the IRS and ignored them.
(Federal Employer Identification Number)
Federal Employer Identification Number, to form your LLC or dream business. Quickly and easily.
You cannot ignore, they can cause a loss of your refund and may even lead to debt you may not have to pay. Call us.
If your taxes have a lot of mistakes, Taxes Diaz they are repaired under IRS law.
Translation of birth certificates, power of attorney, permission to travel for minors, apostille of birth certificate of all states, purchase and sale contract, rental contract.
Some additional services we offer

Trips to the consulate of New Orleans and Georgia

Business accounting

New Business Opening

ITS Sale

Venta nota

4721 Summer Ave, Memphis, TN 38122. • 1071 Goodman Rd, Hornlake, MS 38637 .

Summer: (901) 791-2231 • Hornlake: (662) 349-0091.

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