Resolve Tax Errors Made Elsewhere

After Audit and Collection, Debt Reductions, Promises of Payments and Change of Address with the IRS.

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Update Your Address With The IRS​

If you change your address, be sure to receive your check by updating your information with the IRS. We offer electronic change of address to clients and non-clients. You do not have to visit our offices because everything is done electronically.

Refund Recovery​

Whether you changed your address or received letters from the IRS and ignored them.

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Tax Corrections Made Elsewhere

If your taxes have a lot of mistakes, Taxes Diaz they are repaired under IRS law.

Collection Letter Responses

We can help you answer collection letters and reduce your debt. We are experts in IRS laws.

Don’t pay a $10,000 when you can reduce it to $2,000, simply for not knowing the IRS laws.

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Audit Responses

Don’t ignore an audit. They can cause you to lose your refund and they could even lead to a debt you may not have to pay.

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